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We have the ability to supply our products at construction sites throughout Qatar. We also undertake fixing of concrete paving blocks for a wide spectrum of customers ranging from private homeowners to huge government projects. Qatar Paving Stones is driven by quality and we assure all our customers that products and services matching QCS International Standards.


Paving Stone

Rectangular Paving Blocks are one of the most specific pavers which are commonly used in driveway and parking areas. We produce these paving blocks with four different thicknesses 60mm, 80mm, 100mm & 120 mm. Qatar Paving Stones recommends 60mm pavers for parking areas and walk ways80mm, 100mm, and 120mm for driveways as per consultants recommendation.

Uni shape

Paving Stone

Uni Paving stone provides majestic scale and elegance to hardscape designs. Available in 60, 80 mm thickness it can withstand weather, water and heavy traffic. These pavers are with locking links between each other which increases the strength of the paving blocks.

Trapezes (3D)

Paving Stone


Paving Stone

The interlocking Behaton pavers ensure a high load-bearing capacity; it is also very economical as far as purchase and laying are concerned. The paving block, is suitable for public walkways as well commercial car parks,storage areas or access routes. Easy to lay, also suitable for machine laying. The interlocking double T paver is always laid transversely to the driving direction. It is frost-resistant and is distinguished by its especially wear-resistant surface. The possibility of laying the block by machine enables surfaces to be paved extremely economically. Interlocking double T pavers are available with chamfers.


Paving Stone


Paving Stone

The exclusive paving system

Octagonal is one of the most versatile and attractive blocks paving systems. Octagonal offers an almost unlimited range more exciting by introducing contrasting colours. block units may also used individually offering laying patterns that are striking and stylish.

Irregular Paving

Paving Stone

Antara, Cassetta, Classico circle, Classico fan and Arena

IL Campo

Paving Stone

IL campo consists of two paving stones each 8cm thick,its different sizes and colours enable us to create detailed layouts with interesting lines.Normally suits the villa projects with a greater visual impact

Garden Tile

Paving Stone


Paving Stone

The paving system:

With the appearance of natural weathered stones, Tegula is the perfect choice for a period residence or for adding a touch of character to a modern home. Combining the attractiveness of weathered paving with all the benefits of a modern concrete brick pavement, Tegula is ideal for driveways, paths orpatios.

Riven Finished Paving

Paving Stone

Tile (Flag)

Paving Stone

300mmx300mmx914x 50/60,  400mmx400mmx50/60mm,  500mmx500mmx50/70mm,  600mmx600mmx50/63mm,  400mmx400mmx50/60mm Riven finished,  500mmx500mmx50/70mm Riven finished,  600mmx600mmx50/63mm Riven finished