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Masonry Blocks

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This is one unique product that has literally cemented its place in the construction industry. Concrete blocks are widely considered ideal building material as they are fire-resistant, highly heat-resistance and provide optimum insulation. Their heat-resistance property makes them particularly preferred in the Gulf region. Concrete blocks are also highly cost effective, in comparison with traditional building material.The strength and durability of the blocks match the quality standards set by builders and contractors alike. Moreover, the blocks come in varying designs, textures and sizes to perfectly suit the requirements of architects and consultants To ensure perfect production conditions, QPS has designed the concrete block manufacturing plant in a fully automated format. Every stage of the process-from the trucking in of raw materials to the loading of the finished products, is devoid of manual operations. The curing chambers in the plant form a crucial part as they put the finished blocks through a 24-hour curing and treatment protocol to ensure product durability.


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