We have the ability to supply our products at construction sites throughout Qatar. We also undertake fixing of concrete paving blocks for a wide  spectrum of customers ranging from private homeowners to huge governments projects.

Behaton PAVING


The interlocking Behaton pavers ensure a high load-bearing capacity; it is also very economical as far as purchase and laying are concerned. The paving block, is suitable for public walkways as well commercial car parks,storage areas or access routes. Easy to lay, also suitable for machine laying.

The interlocking double T paver is always laid transversely to the driving direction. It is frost-resistant and is distinguished by its especially wear-resistant surface. The possibility of laying the block by machine enables surfaces to be paved extremely economically.Interlocking double T pavers are available with chamfers.




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technical details

Description Block size (mm) Weight kg/block sqm/layer No. of Blocks/sqm Bundles Layout Sqm/Bundle No of Blocks/Bundle
Qudro -Octagon 200x200x60 4.7 1.0 30 6x5x10 10.0 300
Qudro 199x134x60 2.7 0.93 51.5 6x8x10 9.3 480
Qudro-cube 80x80x60 0.9 0.83 156 13x10x10 8.3 1300
behaton 198x163x60 3.8 1.0 36 6x6x10 10 360